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Programming as an Art

It’s easy when solving a problem to become irritated and just push out a clumsy solution. In doing this we completely forget about the art of programming! While every now and then, there are problems that can just have a … Continue reading

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Operating System Developers: My computer is not a browser

There seems to be a number of operating systems lately that are attempting to test the bounds of internet browsers by having a browser be the OS itself. Many of the companies behind these operating systems claim that the internet … Continue reading

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Learning Programming Languages Faster

I have known many people that are experts in linguistics that get dumbfounded by programming. Apon first consideration this makes no sense – until you come to the conclusion that its not the language that they’re having trouble with. In … Continue reading

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Email Without Spam

The largest problem with Email (in my opinion) is the amount of spam you will inevitably receive. Fraud is quite possible with current Email, and it can in general be somewhat dangerous for the novice user. So, how do we … Continue reading

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Original: 1 used or produced at the creation or earliest stage of something : costumes made from the original designs | the plasterwork is probably original. • [ attrib. ] present or existing at the beginning of a series or … Continue reading

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The problem with learning and college.

Learning is an unavoidable experience that while being perceived as controllable, quite often isn’t. This by itself I don’t consider a problem, the problem emits from the perceived abilities of those who are learning. There was a study done in … Continue reading

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The Violin Effect

It seems that often times new programmers and old programmers have a tendency to over-evaluate themselves. They will believe they can do something faster/better than they can, or they might look back at some old code they wrote, and think … Continue reading

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Programming will never be “easy”

There seems to be this idea going around the internet that the reason someone isn’t able to program, is because languages aren’t good enough yet. A couple of people I have seen with have gone so far as to insinuate … Continue reading

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